Real Weddings

Vintage Garden Party

It all started at the gym for Holly and Mike, who recognised each other on a night out and exchanged numbers. “It went from there; we brought our first home together after about a year and spent the next 3 years completely renovating it, spending all our time and money on the house. Then on Christmas day in 2012 mike brought this huge red box down from upstairs, I honestly thought it would be a pair of designer shoes, then to my amazement I opened the box and there was a tiny ring box inside, Mike took the ring box and went down on one knee and said will you marry me! And of course I said yes!” says... read more

US Roadtrip

The chilled out couple both love America, and Clare is a huge fan of TV series The a wedding in the US was an obvious choice for them. “When Clare suggested us getting married on a quiet beach in America, just the two of us, I didn’t even have to think twice, it sounded great to me! We had heard that the Laguna Beach area was very picturesque, so Clare searched online for quiet beaches in that area, and soon came across the stunning Tablerock beach,” explains... read more

DIY Countryside

When Elise and Jamie first came to plan their wedding they chose the church that sits just across the road from their house. “We arranged the date and tried to sort a reception venue, but cost spiralled and we reluctantly had to cancel and even resigned ourselves to postponing until we had enough money. A month later, we decided that all we really wanted was be to husband and wife and share our day with our friends and family. So we spoke to our favourite pub to arrange our sit down lunch and opted for the beautiful registry office in Eastbourne,” explains... read more

Rustic Romance

James proposed on Christmas Day whilst at Gemma’s sister in law’s house with all of the close family. “We had just finished our starters when James came across with the ‘second part of my Christmas present’ it was a decorated box with a hole in the lid which broke open at each side to reveal a ring box. I could hardly speak I felt so overcome with emotion, most of our family also had tears in their eyes as we had been together such a long time! I was so happy, I of course said... read more

Steam Power

“We wanted something with lots of character so we searched for over a year until we finally found Maunsel House, as soon as we saw it we just fell in love with it. It’s one of the most beautiful manor houses I’ve ever seen without being too pristine, it was the little things like the cracks in the wall and the peacocks running around that gave it lots of character. You feel like you're walking around someone’s personally curated museum. You could get lost there and quite happily not be found for days with so many nooks and crannies to hide in! It truly is a magnificent venue,” says Danielle talking about the couple’s quest to find a venue to fit their Steampunk theme, which was a natural choice as they’ve been into it for years and love everything about the... read more

Kitsch Backyard Florida

After 14 years of being on and off, when Rasmus finally proposed to Nanna on her brithday over breakfast whilst on holiday in France, it came as a bit of a mixed surprise… “On the one hand”, says Nanna, “given that we’ve been together on and off for 14 years, it really wasn’t much of surprise, but on the other hand, precisely because we’ve been together so long and we’d talked about getting married so little, it kind of was. Actually, I had planned to propose to him the following... read more

Circus and Cabaret

Finding the perfect moment to propose to Helen wasn’t easy for Mouse who took Helen to the top of Glastonbury Tor to propose, only to find a coach party had got there first and were getting a lecture about monks… “I managed to wait for the moment that they were looking out into the distance and dropped on one knee. It was beautiful and romantic,” he... read more

50’s Brighton Elopement

Having been together since they were 18 and 21 respectively, Kayleigh and Matthew had always talked about getting married, more seriously as their thirties snuck up on them. “We had a weekend trip to Brighton to make the most of the last of the sunshine and when we arrived at Hotel du Vin, where we were staying, there was a 50’s themed wedding happening. It was exactly how we had imagined ours, and so we got talking and before we knew it we were checking dates for the following year,” says Kayleigh who chose a three stone emerald vintage... read more

Festival Affair

Proposing to Alison was a challenging affair for Chris who had planned to pop the question at the top of Mount Montgo in Spain. The couple didn’t quite make the climb after Alison ground to a halt mid hike and demanded a helicopter rescue. “I’m really not one for climbing, hiking, walking, exercising in general so what was supposed to be one of the best days of our lives turned out to be one of my worst!” she says. Plan B turned out to be much more successful as the couple visited a lighthouse overlooking the sea and whilst admiring the sunset Chris got down on one knee. “I have to say I was absolutely gobsmacked and he had to ask me at least three times before it sank in!” says... read more